Wednesday, August 21, 2019

I Officially Have A High Schooler!

WOW! Just wow! Summer is gone. G-O-N-E.  I cannot believe it.  I officially have a high schooler now and my twins are in their last year of elementary school! What-The-What!!!!!!!?? As usual, one of our back to school traditions is taking photos the DAY or DAY before. Trying to capture a few good photos the morning of NEVER works! And the weather is always so unpredictable so I enjoy setting aside some time to capture my children, in their back to school clothing, in a less stressful time frame/environment.  

Because TY only allowed me to take TWO photos, I will start with him FIRST.  
 A HIGH SCHOOLER, really? HOW. CAN. IT. BE.? Sigh.... And he certainly acts like a high schooler.  Check out how "too cool" he is to just say "Cheese!"
But, as you can see, HE DID hold a cheesy sign that read, "Only 3 more years of these dumb photos!" LOL!

I think this dude was excited for High School. He went to be "early" the night before school (11 pm) and woke up "early" (6:15 am). Ty and I had a mother-son date the day before school started. He picked out two really nice pairs of shoes and several outfits. His biggest hurdle was the silliest of them all... "I hope there is someone to sit with in lunch" He achieved that hurdle for both A Day and B Day! Yay!

My heart is heaving knowing that my first born is in his last four years of grade school.  

Ty, keep your eyes wide open. This is where the end of your childhood occurs. And then... you’ll be adulting. If you follow in your mom and dad’s footsteps, you might even meet your wife in this building. 🥰 My dream for you is for you to enjoy every single moment in this building BUT, only IF it means doing it unto the Lord. I cannot live vicariously through you, but my desires for you are for you to work with passion, treat EVERYONE with kindness, and like your principal said today “CARE and TRY”!!!! You can’t change the world, but you can make a difference. I am excited for you AND I’m praying hard for you stay focused. Learning is a GIFT FROM GOD! Yes, it’s hard and not always fun, but it’s a gift. Loads of positive things can happen for you in these next four years. BUT.... give into temptation, join the wrong crowd, or grow complacent in your studies.... and everything negative could also happen. Your future is in your hands. Not mine! I can’t work for you but, I will work with you to help you to achieve ANYTHING you are willing to also work for!!! I love you.
Parents of toddlers, DO. NOT. BLINK. 

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