Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chicken, Waffles, and Jazz!

A few weeks ago, Aaron & Lisa Fernandez invited Darren and I to attend a Jazz concert on March 31st. Being we are a couple perfectly content at home on a Thursday night, Darren checked with me first to see if I was interested in going. Although a Jazz concert is not the FIRST thing I would consider doing on a night off from parenthood, I immediately said, "Sure. Let's do it!". I knew a night out on the town with the Fernandez' would be time well spent, not to mention FUN and quite hysterical. Darren has bible study on Friday mornings, at 6:30 am, so he was a little more hesitant to say yes, knowing it'd be a late night. BUT... he's the greatest hubby; he just goes with the flow.

The days leading up to the concert, Darren asked Aaron if we could try a new restaurant downtown called, "Thelma's Chicken and Waffles." Aaron obliged. I'm not trying to sound snotty, ungrateful or HIGH MAINTENANCE, but Thelma's Chicken and Waffles was not quite the restaurant Lisa and I had in mind. We tried to change the guys' minds, but after a while, we decided to submit and just enjoy it... even if we were going to leave there smelling like FRIED foods.

The date was sooooo much fun. We ate at Thelma's and then headed over to the Jazz concert. I had NO idea what to expect. Actually, that's sort of a lie. I had my own thoughts on what this event was going to be like. I envisioned a fuddy duddy jazz band entertaining a room full of fuddy duddy elderly folks. I wasn't quite sure how our age group would fit in. BOY WAS I WRONG. Instead, it was the COMPLETE opposite. It was loud, funky, fun, and memorable. We saw in concert, Trombone Shorty. He's amazing. Check him out on this youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kq8ZqVTrOFI He sorta reminded me of a hip hop singer playing in a jazz band. Justin Timberlake came to mind. Many of the audience members ran down to the stage and danced their hearts out, even Aaron and Lisa, but we remained seated and till this day, we are not sure what we found more entertaining, the band or the audience who thought they were good dancers. Key word, "THOUGHT". I would bet money that many of the "dancers" were on drugs. You should have seen these dance moves. Darren and I werelaughing hysterically ALL night. Lisa and Aaron, you two were not included in the wannabedancer list. You maybe white folk, but you sure have rhythm.

We ended the night with a heaping scoop of ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery. Darren, of course, just sat there and watched us eat our desserts. He's a dud when it comes to desserts. OR maybe one would say he has the self-control of a super hero.

Aaron and Lisa, WE ARE SO GRATEFUL that you invited us to this concert. As we said on the way home, we are fairly boring people. We would NEVER do anything like that without the push of good friends. Don't hesitate to ask us again to do something totally out of the norm or out of our comfort zone. We had a BLAST!
Darren and I do not get to go out as often as we'd like.
We were super excited to go on this double date.
Aaron and Lisa are pros at doing fun things together.
This restaurant is definitely good'ol southern cooking by the black folk. Can you tell? Check out the bottom of the menu. "Run and Tell Dat" homeboy, homeboy.
Lisa, Aaron, and Darren pigging out. Of course if you've seen Lilah and Jaxon's second birthday party video, you already know that Aaron loves to CHOW down. LOL!
I ordered an omelet. It was literally at least a 8 egg omelet, if not more. Darren and Aaron couldn't refuse, chicken and waffles. EWE! What a gross combo. Darren is a chicken and waffle snob. He says, "Hands down. There is no comparison. That was the best chicken and the best waffles I've ever had."
Trombone Shorty in action, live!
What the HECK did I say here? It must have been bad because I am getting the death look.
Aaron was brave enough to ask a passerby to take our group picture. Being Lisa and I both blog, you know we had to have a group shot :)