Monday, April 4, 2011

History Repeats Itself

This weekend, while my stepmom was in New York, she visited with my grandma. It's been years since I've laid eyes on her. It breaks my heart. She was always someone who I loved dearly. Anyway, "grammy" as I like to call her, shared some pictures with Carlene and I was DUMBFOUNDED when Carlene shared ONE, in particular, with me via cell phone.

Take a peak... Photo A
Now, take a peak at these two... Photo B & C
Photo A is a picture of my father when he was Jaxon's age. Photo B and C are obviously photos of Jax. How strikingly similar are they???? When I originally received the photo from Carlene, individually, I shared it with each kid and I asked, "Hey Ty, Hey Lilah, Hey Jax, who is this?" Each child answered, "Jaxey". EVEN JAX thought it was himself. LOL!

Our twins may be twins, but Jaxon resembles the Crisafi side of the family (my maiden name) and Lilah resembles the Bryant side of the family (Darren's mother's maiden name). Now I want a photo of Renee at Lilah's age to see if there is just as big of a resemblance. Obviously, my father's genes are insanely STRONG!