Saturday, March 6, 2021

WOW! Long Time No Blogging.

Wow. It has been forever and a day, almost a full year since I have blogged. I have referenced my blog soooo many times since last April, for so many different reasons, and the ONE FACT remains more than anything, I miss it!

Aside from a world pandemic, I added an extra side gig to my life, and in order to be successful at my businesses and because I love what I do, I guess it just inevitable that I slowly had to let go of something. Sadly, it appears that that something was blogging. My choice to blog, was NEVER about anyone else other than my family (initially). However, I benefited greatly from using other's who blogged. It was a great resource, I realized my blog was also becoming a resource for my readers, as well, and I was so proud of the following I had. Blogging became a passion, hobby, and a form of therapy for me.  

I WANT to get back to blogging, again, most importantly to DOCUMENT our family milestones, celebrations, challenges, and so much more.  It is my family photo album, just electronically.  We have basketball games all day today, so I cannot do a full update on life, but in the meantime, I'd love for you to come visit my business pages and see what I have been up to.  

"You Wanna Piece Of Me" (click the name of my company to see my website) - I am officially a jewelry stylist of really affordable and trendy jewels, that are "Beautifully and Plunderfully-Made" by a company called Plunder Designs: a faith based, debt free company.  I had no intentions of owning two businesses, but the company and what it offers was truly hard to pass up. It also marries really WELL with my other company.  I have been with the company now for 16 months.  

"Lovely Lips_ By BollingWith5"  (click the name of my company to see my website)I have been with Senegence almost four years (in April).  I am selling premiere skincare and magic makeup. What sets our products apart is our secret skincare ingredient known as SenePlex Complex.  It rushes new skin cells to the surface 24.7% faster than any skincare on the market.  ALL of our makeup contains our anti-aging skincare ingredients in it. Plus, our meal ticket is LIPSENSE: a liquid lipstick that last on your lips a minimum of 4 hours to a maximum of 18 hours.  

If you are still around and didn't unfollow, thank you! I have butterflies in my tummy as I type this first post, after a year. I do not know how consistent I will be, but I am so excited to get back into it and I hope you are happy to see me back.  Comment below if you are still around.  

BLOGGER looks so different.  Time to relearn how to to "ride my bike" blog.  Eek.

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