Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Darren's Birthday Gifts

Darren and I are HUGE on finding the BEST gifts for one another.  I won't lie, as we get older, it has become increasingly harder to impress one another.  We are very blessed and we generally do not go without. Finding something to gift to each other that we don't already have is tough.  We always pull through for one another though. Find out what I decided to get him for his special day.  

1. Eliot's Nut Butter - Any health conscious, peanut butter loving man will love all of the peanut butter selections that Eliot's offers.  Kids may love it too, but their pallet needs to be grown-up like.  We all know food is the key to every man's heart. I selected the "Everything But The Bagel" flavor and the company sent me the "Espresso NIB" as a gift, in hopes that I could give a review or share their company with my followers.

2. Tisscare Neck & Back Massager - Can you tell we are getting old? Working out is taking a small toll on my man.  He is trying to push himself to limits that a 21 year olds' body can endure, not a 44 year old. He is babying his body right now and trying to respect it's warning signs.  I thought this deep heated massager would help. It relieves pain. It is portable (it included a lighter plug for the car, so when you are traveling you don't run into excuses for not using it).  

3. We Are The People Tee - We are DEFINITELY 2A supporters in this house and we are NOT afraid to announce it.  A gun has never killed anyone.  People kill people.  It is our right to own or collect guns.  I feel sorry for those who think otherwise.  If we ever have a civil war, you are SOL.  I love this "WE ARE THE PEOPLE" AR-15 t-shirt.  

4. Montaraz Jamon de Cebo Pork - One of the hottest trends right now is to design and present Charcuterie board at your family gatherings or parties. While shopping at the South Park Mall in Charlotte, we came across a kiosk, in the middle of the mall called "A Taste 4 Life".  I don't normally stop at kiosks, but this man was over enthusiastic about his business and I felt bad for him.  He kind of reminded me of myself.  He was so into his job, so I wanted to bless his business by supporting him.  He allowed us to taste some of the items he sold, and they were out of this WORLD DELICIOUS.  My plan is to make a fantastic charcuterie board for Darren with the pork that we bought.  I believe this is the best Jamon de Bellota Iberico in the USA right now. This is one of the rare prepackaged slices that tastes as 97% as good as cut right from the leg. Retails for $35.00 for that little package. Iberico is a female, free range pig.  This pig is the second BEST option, next to Jamon de Bellota - Ibetico. It's the difference between a Rolls-Royce versus a Tesla. It melts in your mouth.  

5. Woodford Reserve Bourbon - Darren has really developed a love for bourbon.  He has a nice collection and I enjoy adding to it as often as I can.  I try to buy only TOP SHELF.

6. Dynamic Fleece Cargo Jogger Pants - It took forever to convince my man that joggers don't look silly on him. I LOVE how sexy he looks in joggers and who doesn't enjoy being comfy. Color: Evening Shadow

7. Tempur Pedic Cloud Pillow - If my man doesn't get a good night sleep, he's cranky. Aren't we all? As we age, a good night's rest seems to be far and few between.  Why is that? Darren spent the first 40 years of his life using the same pillow.  On year 40, I told him no more.  His pillow was shedding foam and it was gross.  I threw it out and we have been trying desperately to find a pillow that will satisfy him.  We have quite the collection. We were in Charlotte during his birthday and ran into a tempur pedic store in the mall.  These pillows were on his list of WANTS. We chose their most popular pillow! The TEMPUR-Cloud® is cushion-soft comfort in a traditional shape, with the adaptive support of TEMPUR® material. Plus, it compresses easily for a great night's sleep on the go. So far, he has NOT grown accustomed to it.  I think the floor is enjoying it more than he is. $200.00 later (we bought two).  SMH!

8. 27" Apple i-Mac Computer - This gift was not a "need", but our computers have not been updated in a good 6 years. Darren and I enjoy being at our his/her office stations for both business and leisure.  Having an update to a computer is a nice splurge and he is so worthy of that and SOOOO MUCH MORE.  This was a BIG blessing for ME to gift to him. I paid CASH for it, from all of my hard work and earnings from both my Plunder and Senegence business.  

9. Electric Gravity Salt And Pepper Grounder Set - Darren has become quit the chef. His cooking takes place mostly outdoors, lol.  He currently has a smoker, a grill, and a flat top grill.  I like to call those BIG boy toys!! Often times, he calls me to the kitchen to help him season things because his hands are all gross. This salt and pepper set is AMAZING and COOL!!!! It is battery operated, so if you read the reviews you may catch wind that it requires too many batteries and "blah, blah, blah, blah".  I ignored those complaints and I am super glad that I did. Who cares if it makes life easier.  Tilt this salt or pepper shaker just slightly, until gravity over powers it, and the salt/spraying comes spraying out.  They are also very sleek/modern looking.  

And that's a wrap! Let me know if you need any more details, reviews, and if you decide to give any of these gifts try, I'd love to hear what you think.  

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