Wednesday, May 30, 2018

She Did It!

Two Sundays ago, Lilah decided to try out for "Dance Company" at her current dance studio, Divine Dance Center.  The particular style of dance that she chose to audition for was Hip Hop.  There were about 10-12 girls that tried out for Hip Hop Dance Company that fit her age group.  Lilah was so excited and slightly nervous.  Auditioning never comes without nerves.  
I sat in the lobby along with the other mommies and I was able to watch her from the television screen.  She seemed to be comfortable and did her thang!
The audition was about 30 minutes (I think).  They stretched and then the girls were taught a dance routine.  Eventually, they had to perform the dance in front of the owner of the studio and a few other "judges", in groups of three. We left and then had to wait a long 10 days to find out the results.  

Lilah counted down the days and continually asked, "Can you check Facebook Mom?" She knew that Facebook was one of the first places I would find out if she was accepted or not.  May 29th arrived and on both my Facebook account with DDC and my inbox via email I received confirmation... "Congratulations!"
I am proud to announce that my girl made Dance Company!!! We currently now have two boys in travel ball and will be adding "travel dance" or dance competitions to our agenda. I know the Lord will provide a way.  I could NOT let Lilah pass up an opportunity to advance her skills, like her brothers.  I want to do all that I can to help grow my children for the future.  I believe being involved is so healthy.  Idle children waste life and are left with opportunities to go down the wrong path.  I am so proud of Lilah and I am beyond excited for her future.  It will be a huge commitment on both of our parts.  I pray she never forgets what a blessing these moments are.

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