Wednesday, May 30, 2018


There are only 3 days left, to sign up for FREE, to be a LipSense distributor.  Here's ONE REASON you can work this business and do NOT have to be afraid to enter into this commitment.  
One of the biggest benefits of being in a direct sales business is portability. My business is portable. Webster’s dictionary defines that as “able to be easily moved or carried”. 15 years ago, being in direct sales was NOT a “portable” career. With the advancement of technology, as long as I have access to a cell phone, a laptop, and/or WiFi, my business can be with me wherever I go. This provides me the luxury and flexibility to do business when I am on the road, sick, traveling or visiting with family in another state or even across the country.  Do you have children? Maybe you wish to work, but you also fear at any given moment your children will call you away from your job? Fear no more... this role, as a Lip Boss, allows you to work from home. From your car. At the gym. By the poolside. On the playground. AND LITERALLY even if you yourself are bed ridden! Whether you are a stay-at-home-mom, a high school or college student, or even if work a full time job already.... this business can fit your mold. It’s as simple as wearing stripes on your hand aka “wow-ing” your customers and/or visibly carrying your product around for all to see. I cannot tell you how much business my Lucky 7 and Piper Noble bags have increased my business’ sales. 

If you aren’t willing to be a part of a business that offers portability, then the ONLY thing that’s stopping YOU from doing this is the confidence you LACK in yourself.

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