Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Paintball Party Favors!

So many people told me NOT to do party favors for Ty's party.  "They're too old!", "It's not necessary!" "Party favors are an extra expense!" "It's not the guests birthday, it's Ty's birthday!" But I just cannot have a party without party favors.  I LOVE party favors and I believe it's the FINAL detail that sends the party guest home NEVER allowing them to forget the party and all of the details. Party favors are a present thanking your guest for their presence.  

I thought using a variety of rainbow colored bags, to represent the paintball theme, but I have a difficult time with the rainbow icon since it's be recreated to mean something else.  SO... that left me to come up with another idea.  I chose to make my OWN paintball bags.  
I purchased an $8.00 collection of craft smart paint, paint brushes, and a cloth tarp.  I think the total investment was $15.00.  
I poured about 1/4 cup of paint into glass cups.  I watered down the paint, so that the paint was not so thick and easy to splatter.  YES! SPLATTER!!!!
The white bags came from Michael's Craft Stores.  I believe they were $9.99 for 13 bags.  I needed two packs.  Ugh. I used a 40% off coupon.  
I laid out the tarp.  And go to work, splattering paint all of the white bags.  I was a nervous wreck about doing this because I didn't want to mess up my garage floor or those beautiful, crisp, white bag.  The best part about this craft job is that truly NO paint splatter would be wrong.  The "uglier" the better. This is probably the coolest, "funnest", most original idea I've ever had. I saw this idea done on helium balloons, so I switched things up and did it on white bags instead.
Thank you to my hubby for being my videographer on his lunch break.  HEHE
The end result was EXACTLY what I was envisioning.  
After each bag was complete, I would lift it up and find this gorgeous art, on accident.  HAHA.  You can see exactly where the bag was lying.  
What do you give 12 and 13 year old boys at a paintball party? You all... I found the MOST PRICELESS and PERFECT items.  First up, 
Candy Buttons: Five Below
Don't they look like paintballs?
A Pack of Bunch O' Balloons: Five Below
GOBLIES: Michael's Craft Stores.
Smog Balls (Crunchy Candy With a Sour Chewy Center)
How beautiful are they?!
Paintball Splattered Sugar Cookies: #13: Freshly Baked Bakery made these BUT..
When they made them... they looked like this.... I wasn't completely satisfied.  
I wanted more primary colors, so I "fixed" them. I was satisfied after adding the green and red royal icing.  
Paintball Ammo: Aka A Mason Jar Filled With Bubble Gum
I am so obsessed and proud of the end result.
I attached a tag and a little wording that read, "Best Loot Ever."  LOOT is something related to the FortNite game. 
I also attached a paintball mask on the front of handmade gift bag.
Ty's friends were shocked that they were receiving a party favor bag!  They seem so excited and very thankful  

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