Friday, May 18, 2018

Officially A Teenager ~ Birthday Cake!

The official theme for Tyson's party was paintball, but there was also a hint/twist of the game FortNite.  I had several cake ideas in mind.  I had (2) paintball cakes and (3) FortNite cakes that I was really contemplating. However, this was a milestone birthday and a big deal to BOTH of us, so I wanted something at his party to scream "Officially A Teenager!". I decided that that "something" to be his cake.  Recently, I discovered a new bakery in town. It's located in Downtown Roanoke.  The name of the bakery is called Freshly Baked Bakery. I was thankful to have the opportunity to work with them during the month of May. They were SWAMPED with graduation and wedding cakes.  
I described to the owner, Sarah, exactly what I wanted and even shared a photo of both Ty and his bedroom, along with all of his hobbies and loves: Playstation, Basketball, Virginia Tech, attends Glenvar Middle School, Golden State Warriors, Steeler's, iPhone, Sleeping In! 
Steeler's Football
Dirty Socks
Glenvar Middle School!
To hear a little bit more about this cake, watch the video below.  There is ALSO a backstory to why I decided on a cake like this one.
TY and his friends loved it.  I had a hard time capturing photos and videos while the boys' sang.  So... the video below is all I have documented.  BOOOO!
Thank you Freshly Baked Bakery for sharing your talent and for making people's events extra memorable!!!

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