Wednesday, September 20, 2017

New Stair Carpet ~ Animal Print!

We have really changed a lot in our home over the last 1 1/2 years.  I have, in small spurts, mentioned it on our blog and/or shared the changes on instagram, but I haven't fully documented it.  I'll start SMALL today and share our NEW stair carpet.  

We moved into our home in September of 2007. It was a brand spanking new house. The exterior was already finished, but we were able to design/choose all of the interior to fit our desires.  Fast forward 10 years later, plus the addition of 3 children and well... we are beginning to see that some of the more major, visible, interior structures need to be updated, repaired, or redone altogether. Darren and I decided to replace our home's carpet for our wedding Anniversary, in June (not a small gift in any respect).  

We went on a date and then stopped in to Whitt Carpet One.  We immediately fell in love with a carpet that was on display, in their show room, for our main entry level staircase.  

Originally, we had a gorgeous diamond patterned khaki/brown carpet.  You will see below how 10 years of use really took it's toll.
You can literally see where we used the carpet and where we did not.
I'm almost embarrassed at what this looks like, but anyone who knows me... knows how clean I am and how dirty kids can be. LOL!
When they began ripping up the carpet, I was so intrigued.  Here is what was underneath the carpet.  
The carpet that we chose to replace the original carpet with was in their private line, by Dosso.  The new pattern is the GORGEOUS, animal print: snow leopard.
I am in total AWE of it.
I believe FULLY that we definitely NEED to paint both the railing and the handles WHITE, in addition to painting the stained part of the stairs that are visible. Sometimes a red stain has a tendency to turn grey colors, near it, PURPLE.  I don't believe that is happening in our case, but still... I think white trim will be MUCH better than the stain.
Of course, we have really instilled NO SHOES on the carpet.  TRUST ME... it's being followed. It's an immediate ONE DAY without electronics if I see anyone walking on the stairs with shoes.  EVEN DARREN takes his shoes off when he already has them on and forgot something upstairs.  Haha.  It's comes with a few sighs.... but.... I want this carpet to stay CLEAN and FRESH looking. I feel so blessed to be able to do these home improvements. l am thankful to God and my hard-working hubby!

Well... that's a wrap! 

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