Friday, September 1, 2017

50% Off Orders In September...

I am on my sixth month as a LipSense Distributor. As long as I have been a distributor, SeneGence has NOT offered ANY promotions LIKE this one.   For the ENTIRE month of September, IF you sign up to be a distributor, you will receive 50% OFF of ALL PRODUCTS.  There is ONLY ONE requirement: your order MUST BE a 300 PV order.  PV stands for Product Value.  A 300 PV order is equivalent to $600 in RETAIL.  So... you can 

1.  Place a 300 PV Order and receive $600 worth of product to keep for yourself.

2.  Place a 300 PV Order and receive $600 worth of product keep half and sell half, making your money back fully.  

3.  Place a 300 PV Order and receive $600 worth of product to sell ALL of it, either slowly or aggressively, and MAKE $300 profit.  

ALL month LONG, in the month of September, you can place as many orders as you need to stock up on product to keep and/or sell at the largest DISCOUNTED price ever of 50% OFF.  

The actual announcement/promotion is below.  

To join my team it ONLY costs $55.00.  Being a LipBoss is stress free.  You make your business exactly what you desire it to be. You brand your name. You can test the waters slowly or hustle like there's no tomorrow.  There are NO KIT requirements. NO hidden fees. The only "requirement" is that you spend place a 100 PV order, every three months, to remain an active distributor.  

The best NEWS is this... IF you decide after one week, one year, or five years, you want to quit, which you won't... SeneGence BUYS BACK ALL of your unsold/unused product for a full refund, less a 10% restocking fee.  Can you BELIEVE THAT????  What company do you know DOES THAT?

Please contact me if you desire to sign up or if you are in need of MORE details.  (540) 520-1853.

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