Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Myrtle Beach Day 2 ~ Spring Break 2017

On day 2 of our trip, we decided to stay away from the water for a little while and go FISHING!!!! While the boys fished, I FINALLY taught myself how to french braid.  I have tried and tried for years and years and I always blamed being a left hander on the inability to do it.  On this particular day, out of no where, it just CLICKED! Th light bulb went off and I got it!! I did TWO on her.  So fun! 
It was a gorgeous day on the pier, but we joked after returning home when our fishing pole's hook got caught on the fishing bag, Darren said, "Well... the only thing we caught today was our own fishing bag!"
Liley came home and cooled off with a non-alcoholic drink! Hehe.
Darren and I took the pooches on a walk!
Then, we went SHOPPING at the Tanger Outlets. 
Later that night, we took the kids to their favorite place... Ultimate California Pizza Kitchen and Games. 
Liley won a huge stuffed bear and I won a troll.  I told the twins, "Whoever replicates the troll's face verbatim, can keep him!" I couldn't decide who to pick, so I just told them to share it.  Hehe.  
And speaking of replicating... Darren took this photo back in 2011 and has tried to remember to replicate/re-inact it every time we go back! Unfortunately, we didn't start that tradition until last year.  So below you see 2011, 2016, and current 2017.
When we got home that night, man o'day, I took my hair down and realized this girl didn't apply enough product.  Gives new meaning to the word HUMID!
No water time for us on day 2! We were fine with it.  There is SO much to do in Myrtle Beach that we don't always want to be floating in the water.

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  1. Great family vacation! Wow, your hair- it is hard to have lots of thick curly/wavy long hair.


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