Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017

Time and seasons, right?  Man, how I miss being able to stay caught up on my blog content.  One day, I won't have ANYTHING to blog about because my children will be LONG gone, so for now, I will cherish this hectic season of LIFE.  I am JUST NOW getting around to posting my children's Valentine's Day gifts.  I love everything about LOVE DAY! The colors, the sentiments, the emotions, the thoughts E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.  I just think it's another reason to be INTENTIONAL to those you love. The kids enjoyed EVERYTHING too.  We celebrated with our children on the actual day, February 14th.  We waited until AFTER SCHOOL to shower them with our LOVE blessings. The twins arrived home first. 
They received a "lovely" snack.  ALL heart-shaped.
Ritz crackers with peanut butter and heart-shaped strawberries.
A tic tac toe board using frosting, graham crackers, and conversation hearts.
Strawberry lemonade in a fancy, plastic wine glass, topped with a heart-shaped strawberry slice!
Cheese and heart-shaped pepperoni.  
Heart-shaped gummies.
Then came the gifts. Girls first: here are Liley's gifts.  
A cute shirt.
An iTunes gift card.
A new make-up bag.
Ever heard of Sugarfina? Do you have a friend, child, or family member who is obsessed with anything GUMMY? THIS company is then a MUST TRY!
It's the BEST.CANDY.EVER.  I absolutely hate candy, but when I was debating on whether or NOT to buy this expensive candy for my children, from the Mall Of America, I had to taste test.  After trying them, I HAD to buy them.  They are SOOOOOOOO gourmet and tasty.  
"You give me butterflies"
A cute heart-shaped bowl, "Love Ya!"
Old fashioned, scented LIP GLOSS!
Sour conversation hearts!
Fake nails with hearts on them!
A bath balm in the shape of a heart!
An ice cream cone soap luffa.  
Here are Jaxey's gifts.
Lip gummies.
"Kiss Me"
A solar dancing cupid!
Berry Burst gum!
A walking heart!
A red, SNAP hand.  So fun!
A shirt endorsed by their favorite player, Stephen Curry, "I can do all things".
Ty's gifts.
Pink macaroons!
Sour hearts!
"Pucker Up!" flavored peach bellini.  
And how could I forget my fur kids?
Then of course, Daddy gave Liley a special gift. A single, red rose, a box of chocolates (her favorite) and the COOLEST pillow EVERY.  It's a mermaid pillow.  Ever see them?  Black sequined heart or is it?  Move the sequins ONE WAY and they are black.  Move them the opposite way and they are white. She was ecstatic.
The cutest card picked out, from her daddy, with the perfect message.
I cooked a special Valentine dinner.  Heart-shaped ravioli, chicken fetticcini alfredo, salad, and bread.

I also made them a heart-shaped cookie cake!  It was so delicious.
 It was a wonderful day, spent with those I love the absolute MOST.

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