Thursday, March 9, 2017

Super Bowl 2017

Super Bowl Sunday... a holiday right, haha.  The schools even shut down the day after.  Ok, our schools shut down the day after.  They claim it's a "teacher work day" but come on... it's more like a "Super Bowl hang over" day! This year, I continued our tradition of cute decorations and fun foods to help get us excited!! Super Bowl tablescape!
Of course, I am ALWAYS missing from the photos.  
Our dinner menu was wings...
Football shaped pizzas for the kids...

Little popcorn bowls and chili corn chips with ranch dip!
Dessert was Super Bowl RINGS aka ring pops AND...
Field goal cookies that I made!!! I love the way they turned out.  
The field goal was made up of Wilton candy eyes flipped upside down.
Rootbeer and football paper straws all wrapped up in a turf grass koozie.  #SoFun
I love the way it ALL turned out.  The kids, as usual, were very appreciative and excited. I am happy to put the effort forth when I know it means so much to them. We "watched" the game, commercials okay... we watched the half time show.  HEHE! #Traditions

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