Saturday, February 18, 2017

Team Cancelled ~ 2017

This was Lilah's FIRST year playing basketball.  I was pretty adimate about her NOT playing, but she pressed the issue and I am so glad that she did.  My girl has got game AND with more practice and good coaching, she could definitely improve 10xfold. She's aggressive, happy, enthusiastic, and has a good knowledge of how to play the game (as much as she can have in the first season). 
I was asked to take the photos of both the individual players, team, and coaches.  I begrudgingly agreed.  LOL!
This is the outcome! To see EVERY.SINGLE.PHOTO. just click here. I just decided to post my favorites.
Darren was just a helper, until Coach Brett decided to pick up and move to Tennessee.  LOL!  So now, he is a coach with Erin Carroll.  

I wanted to create some unique shots in addition to the normal, boring, standard poses.

It was stressful and slightly painful trying to capture 8 fidgety girls, but I did it and I am very glad it's OVER WITH.  LOL!
Well, that's a wrap! Next Sunday is TEAM CANCELLED's last game followed by their banquet.  We are NOT participating in baseball season this year and I am SOOOOO excited.  The boys will be conditioning for football and Lilah is still in dance.  

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