Tuesday, December 6, 2016

More Elf On The Shelf...

Shew... these elves are keeping me busy.  I won't deny that after about a week of having them return, I am ready for them to go back to the North Pole for GOOD! It's a ton of extra work/stress, but it is DEFINITELY worth hearing the squeals and seeing the excitement on my children's faces.  I just find myself dreaming about ideas or waking up in the middle of the night to  think of ideas and THAT.IS.ABSURD.  I mean, I am losing actual SLEEP over these elves. Why me?

Check out what they've been up to these last few days...

Yesterday, our elves went to the "duck pond" and decided to feed the ducks and go fishing.  LOL!  It was pretty intense considering they used my kitchen sink AND I am not ALLOWED to touch them.  I only had access to ONE sink yesterday.  I used some of our fairy garden items to set this up.
We have a board game called "Lucky Ducks Matching Game", so I used the ducks to create the correct atmosphere.  
We also have a game called, "Let's Go Fishing!" That game supplied the fishing poles and fish, which look like pirañas to me.  
Napoleon caught a fish!!! Did you notice the fish are red and green only?
I turned the water blue using some of my favorite house cleaner... clean cotton fabuloso.
Ariel and Rozee fed the ducks while the boys fished.
Duck pond bench, more ducks, and pebbles helped to replicate our local duck pond!
The elves also left this Holiday Countdown Calendar!!
On another day, Chippey enjoyed some rest and relaxation on a hammock banana! LOL!  
Sure go ahead elves, you just relax WHILE I SLAVE away... on another day, our elves decided to "Netflix and Chill" on the couch, while eating popcorn, sipping on diet coke, and enjoying some candy! Thanks go our American Girl Doll collections, we have some great elf furniture and accent pieces. OH AND they left us a sweet message aka note that read, "We LOVE Our Family!"

Lilah was so flattered on the morning of her recital when she woke up to find a "banner" that read, "Good Luck".  They held her name, LILAH, in their lap.  I guess they are also some of her biggest fans.  Rozee was decked out in the Claus Coture twinkle toes tutu and one of her american girl dolls was stretching!!! 

I guess it's safe to say this girl is VERY impressionable.  I believe she wants to be an elf on the shelf. Hehe.
One morning, the elves chose to JUST hide in sneaky, camouflaged places because the kids were enjoying "hard" hiding spots rather than their mischievous behaviors.  Man, why didn't you say so sooner.  It's so hard and time consuming setting up their mischievous ways! Instead, the elves left them a REALLLLLY cool gift called a "project-o-rama" along with a note.
And finally, the sweet tooth moment. You all know ELVES, especially, have major sweet tooth. It's funny because ONE got trapped under our glass cookie dome, one mistook doggie biscuits for cookies and he was really disappointed, and the girls... well... they chose to feast on some Halo Top ice cream. #HealthIceCream They are trying to keep their girlish figure. SO FUNNY!
1. Napoleon, left a message spelled out with peppermint sticks that read, "HELP!"
2. Chippey got stuck in Sadie and Simon's cookie jar and left a note that read, "What the heck kind of cookies are these?"#worstcookiesever #santawillhatethese
3. Rozee and Ariel were caught upside down in a pint of Halo Top Ice Cream. Hehe
I am WIPED out from these elves. Haha.

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  1. My 6th grader enjoyhed looking at the elves's adventures!


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