Friday, December 2, 2016

Christmas Parade ~ 2016

It's one my favorite Christmas tradition with my family in Christ... the Christmas parade.  If I am NOT mistaken, this is our fifth year (according to my blog) that we have done this together.  I will be sad when our kids no longer think it is cool and don't want to go.  I guess us parents could still go.  Haha.  
Our small group is very close knit and we are six godly woman striving to live righteously. 2/6 families could NOT make it this year due to illness and one daddy is on a missions trip in Uganda.  Ty-Ty is getting a tad too old to sit with the little ones now. Sniff, sniff.  So he hung out with the dads.
Our clan of kids started a hugging the snowman and then the poor snowman was having a tough time breaking away.  SO MANY kids started doing the same thing.
Watching the parade intently.  
The gingerbread house was one of my favorite floats.  
Jax was so excited to get a life size $100 bill and a $1,000,000.00 bill.  Haha!
Shannon was getting her hair done, so she arrived late, WHICH caused for another necessary photo!
We were wondering how the kids would respond to the clowns due to the fact that there is so much hype right now about clowns scaring people.  Surprisingly, none of the kids budged!
This was my favorite float... the manager scene.  ALL WHITE, pure, delicate, and  beautiful.  
Chick-Fil-A was there, too, and Cohen was screaming, "EAT MORE CHICKEN", over and over and over! It was priceless.  
We left before the last few floats made an appearance because we wanted to beat the traffic. Until next year...

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