Monday, August 29, 2016

First Day Of School - Bus Driver Gift!!!

Ahhhhhh! I had back-to-school teacher gifts ready and prepped for months, NO LIE, BUT I forgot about Ms. Robin, the bus driver.  The day before school started I went into panic mode.  I know she would appreciate ANYTHING. However, She is not only used to receiving gifts from us, but shh is also used to the presentation.  I couldn't possibly just hand her a wrapped gift or a gift card and call it a day. This is where you insert the eye rolling emoji.  Why me?  I decided since she works in the pharmacy, at Walmart, it might be nice for her to have a gift card to that store, so she could pick up a few groceries or maybe even some fresh make-up etc.  I found the cutest gift card that reminded me of a bunch of crazy kids, sitting on a school bus.  I had to grab it. (See below).  Walmart had a back-to-school gift card, but I thought it was drab.
The morning of the first day of school, NO LIE, I almost just gave up on giving Ms. Robin a gift (all together), even though I did purchase the gift card.  I STILL didn't have a way to creatively present it to her.  I woke up at 4 a.m., packed lunches, skipped studying God's word, (BAD GIRL I know, but I studied later that night) and got to work making something QUICK. It's NOT what I would have settled on had my time constraints been different, but SHE LOVED IT! She said, "You are just so clever and creative. That was the cutest gift ever!" I will take it.  Haha.  

I did buy and have, on hand, these back-to-school stickers, to use for Mrs. Green's teacher questionnaire. Praise God this pack of stickers had a school bus included.  
I made a printable, on my computer, printed it, and added some blue checkered paper to the middle.
The printable read:
"You drive us safely every day. You always wear a smile.  So here's the thanks you so deserve, for each and every mile! Honk Honk ~ The Bolling 5"
I wasn't sure if Ms. Robin would realize that the "children", on the school bus, was actually a gift card, so I created a pull TAB that read, "Gift Card".  
I inserted the gift into a page protector sheet and also enclosed a KIND bar as to say, "You are kind!"
I am thankful that I was able to pull off a cute presentation, along with her gift card.  I know she felt loved and blessed.

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