Friday, July 1, 2016

We ARRIVED To Myrtle Beach ~ Summer 2016

The morning of our beach trip, I set out some beachy items to get the kids psyched (as if they weren't already).  I thought these "Finding Dori" items were just perfect! Sadie and Simon even got some yummy beach treats.  
On the way down, I was desperate for a snack, but didn't have a knife.  LOL! I used a pair of scissors to coat 1/2 of a Lenny and Larry's cookie with some birthday cake buff butter.
 When we arrived, Simon was so curious!
"Look mom! It's the beach!!! Can we go, can we go!!!!!" I am so glad we got to bring Sadie and Simon.  This was one of the longest trips we have been on and I don't think I could have last 9 days without seeing them. Truth be told, I am not sure they would have last either.
On the first night, we just went to dinner and then spent quite a long time at the (3 day old Publix), shopping for our week's food.  I captured this moment because BOLLING STEEL actually furnished the steel on at this grocery store. Boy do I wish we had a public.  Everything about the store, from it's customer service, to it's cleanliness, to the LARGE quantity of items is just so amazing.  I think I would love going grocery shopping if we had a store like this.
Nothing that excited about our only 1/2 day in Myrtle, but we are very thankful that the Lord got us to Myrtle Beach safe and sound.

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