Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Graduation Party - Favor Bags!

Party favors are one of the biggest things I concentrate on when planning a party! It sends the party guest home with excitement and leaves them with a positive memory of your party!!! (Not that they had a negative one, but you know!). I am so against filling a favor bag with a bunch of plastic trinkets or candy only.  What.A.Waste.Of.Money!

For Ty's graduation party, I only had 10 party guests (12 including the twins), so it was more affordable to give out gifts that were slightly more expensive.  I didn't go overboard because I did feel felt like this party was already a gift, to each of them, but enjoy the favor bag and it's contents below!
When I spotted the classy and adorable favor bags (above) at Michael's Craft Store, I snagged them.  I loved the bag's look.  I am also known to go OVERBOARD with party favors, so the size of the bag was perfect for ME! It kept me committed to small items and self-controlled because only so much would fit in a bag that size.
Each boy received either black/gold or white/gold "Class of 2016" pen.
A GREEN air head.
A YELLOW cry baby.  I highly doubt ONE of them noticed their candy was school-spirit picked, but I did.  Haha.
All boys, age 11, LOVE to play tricks and gags, so when I spotted this "Chewed Up Gum" at Five Below, I snagged 10 of them.
A new pencil for middle school with chocolate ice cream on top! These were also spotted at Five Below.
Mini soft drink cans FILLED with soda flavored gum.  I found these at Walgreens, believe it or not.
A crazy disgusting, dare game called "Bean Boozled!" This was the TOP item in their favor bag.  EVERY boy LOVED it! We had three cards going back to Salem, transporting people home, and from what I understand, all of the boys played this in the car.  LOL!
A scratch off lottery ticket! Nobody won, which is probably good, because they would have had to wait 7 years to be eligible to turn it in.  BUT... what boy doesn't love the potential to be the owner for $4,000.
I topped off the bag with the cutest, little, glittery graduation cap clips found at the best store ever...DOLLAR TREE!
You can see the graduation cap clips a tad better in the photo below.
SO cute and just the perfect, finishing touch to the favor bag!

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