Monday, February 29, 2016

Oh SI-man!

We are still adoring our sweet SI-man aka Simon.  He is just a complete spitfire.  Fierce! He will destroy anything from a fly to Robber.  Watch out buddy...he will eat you alive!!! They don't call these dogs "ankle biters" for nothing.  
 He is so very playful. LOVES a good squeaky toy.
Enjoys snuggling a ton, so much that he almost needs to be suffocated to be content.  
He enjoys daily "pup cups" from Starbucks and peanut butter a TON!
Loves his BIG SISTER, Sadie, and sometimes gets sad when she is at Doggie Daycare and he isn't.  
HIS first birthday is coming up soon, April 25th to be exact! It's hard to believe he isn't ONE yet.

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