Friday, February 12, 2016

Celebrated Early! (Valentine's Day 2016)

Sunday, Valentine's Day, is going to be so hectic, with church and two basketball games, so I just didn't think we could pull off making quality time for each other. We celebrated today instead.  The kids were at school and since Darren gets off on Fridays, at noon, it was the perfect child free opportunity! I surprised him today by decorating the house, mostly our bedroom, for Valentine's Day. Darren had NO IDEA thee were our Friday plans. When he pulled into the garage he arrived to a note on the outside of the garage door.  It said, "Follow the heart-shaped road." This was the "start" of our afternoon. I love the way the it all came together and turned out.
I placed hearts throughout the house and told Darren to follow the path, which would eventually lead to me!
The path lead to a lighted stairway!
I took tea light candles and placed them on each side of the heart, creating a "walkway".
The lighted staircase ended with a sign that read, "We love because HE first LOVED Us!" ~ John 4:19, a toy rose, and a lighted heart.
Eventually, the path ends at our bedroom.  "FINISH. Welcome to the Love Shack!"
When Darren entered our room, it was beautifully decorated.  He also had several gifts to open. It's very hard to capture the beauty of our bedroom because of my size lens and the lighting.  We just recently got new bedroom furniture and do not have all of our new bedding yet, so the pure white covers was PERFECT!!!
Ignore the wall colors and lack of decorations.  Haha.  Our room is in under construction, but that didn't stop us from using it! Hehe
I absolutely LOVE my homemade kissey, kissey balloons.  I took plain, white balloons and kissed them, creating a "love is in the air" feel! Hehe.  
I played the song by John Legend, All Of Me, on repeat.  LOVE THAT SONG for an occasion like this!!
Darren is a joy to shop for, but I definitely DO have to think hard about what to purchase for him. He's a little tough because he's not needy AND is perfectly content with what he has. I was excited when I learned that Beach Body had a new fitness dvd set called "Insanity Max: 30".  
I also got Darren a few watch bands for his Apple Watch (brown leather).
A navy watch band.
Strawberry milkshake protein powder.
A Nutri Ninja Blender.
Darren blessed me with an awesome apple watch, in rose gold.  I am so excited to have it.  I wasn't sure if I would want an iwatch, but I realize that it's a really neat accessory to have!
Darren was so shocked, impressed, pleased, and joyful about this surprise.  I feel relieved that we spent my favorite holiday, together, in a non-stressful way.  It was so relaxing and so romantic.  We both talked about what a gift it is that even after 22+ years, we are still so madly in love with one another.

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