Monday, January 18, 2016

Christmas Gifts For Daddy!

In a perfect world, Christmas posts would normally be done in the month of November and December, but life is simply busy and I am clearly not living in a perfect world. I like to share a few of the more creative, unique, or fun gifts that I buy each member of our family with you all, incase you need a jump start for a birthday or Valentine's day or even a "just because I love you" moment.  So, I am going to start with a few of my the gifts that I was excited to give Darren.  FIRST UP, Cookies and Cream Protein Powder by BODYTECH AND homemade oreo cookies bark! Seems a little counter intuitive huh? Well...every year I purchase a new container of protein powder for Darren AND the last two years I have made homemade oreo cookie bark for Darren, but usually the bark is made together.  We I started a new tradition and I think he is kind of expecting of it now.  During his work day, I made it without him knowing, and I packaged these two gifts up together.  I LOVED the mason jar I found at Kirkland's which reads, "I love you more than Christmas cookies!!!. As soon as I laid eyes on it, I knew EXACTLY what I was going to do with it.
A new ornament

Since my children have been born, I give them a new ornament each year.  This will be so nice when they move out or get married.  They will have enough ornaments of their own to fill a tree.  I sure do wish I would have though to do this for Darren.  He would already have 20 ornaments.  Oh well.  I started the tradition three years ago.   This year, I bought the Hallmark "Jingle Bell Jackpot" ornament.  I LOVE IT! I told him, "I won the jackpot when I met [him]!" It actually works too!!!
Lilah spent quite a bit of her Christmas break, prior to Christmas Day, making Darren a homemade memory game.  It was so sweet!!! She wrapped it up and gave it to her daddy.  One day, over break, they played it together.  
There were only enough game pieces to have a total of 5 matches.  So...the game didn't last LONG.  The face Lilah is making below is because her daddy finished off the game winning 3 game pieces in a row.
An Apple I-Watch: I KNOW Darren was NOT expecting an I-watch, so this came as a total surprise to him.
He is a watch collector. He hasn't worn any of his other watches since receiving this watch.  LOL!
After the kids open their gifts on the MAIN floor, we head to the basement to see what Santa brought.  Darren NEVER gets anything from SANTA, but this year, he did and he was S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E-D, to say the least.
He was REALLY confused when he saw four stacks and knew we only had three kids.
Sitting in that stack of gifts from Santa was an entire set of weapon supplies: targets, ear plugs, headphones, cleaning kit, AND
A ruger LCP.
He was totally shocked.
Santa sure does have a funny sense of humor.  "Because girls love a BIG glock!"
I blessed Darren with many other things.  His stack actually looks tiny, but it certainly wasn't cheap.  He got a yet cooler, a fun "making spirits bright" tree, clothes, lottery tickets, football coaching supplies, such as a personalized whistle and a play drawing board, and so much more....
My blogging time is up...I have to get in the shower, so be on the look out for a few updates to this post.  I think I might have taken one or two photos with my cell phone and I haven't uploaded those pictures yet.

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