Sunday, January 17, 2016

Making "Spirits" Bright!

Every year, I try hard to come up with a few, creative gifts for my spectacular hubby!  This year, I spotted these ah-mazing, metal trees, at Pier 1 Imports, and snagged three of them.  For Darren, I decided to use one of the metal trees and hang little airplane bottles onto it. We are NOT big drinkers.  TBH, I would much rather have an ice cream Sunday than a glass of wine! I like to eat my calories, not drink them. But occasionally, it's nice to relax and sip on ONE cocktail.
 I attached little tags to each airplane bottle which read, "Making Spirits Bright". 
 I also clipped on a few Christmas light clothespins, from Michael's Craft Store, onto each branch ($1.00 section).  

This gift could be duplicated and the options are endless.  Try it out using candies, jewelry, k-cups, OR even wallflowers from Bath & Body works!!! I decided to use the other two trees by hanging wallflowers onto each branch. I gave the other trees to our assistant pastor, Eddie and youth pastor, Brett, for Christmas.  
I bought a wallflower in EVERY color of the rainbow, plus a WHITE/CLEAR, and just hung them on every other branch. I stuck a wallflower plug at the top! I am NOT sure how I come up with these things. I LOVE giving UNIQUE, practical, and useful gifts.  I basically BEG my brain to explode with creativity.  This time, I think it listened.  HEHE!!!!


  1. I absolutely love the tree ideas! The wallflower one is something my mom would really enjoy. We don't do large gifts, so this is so creative!!!!

    1. Thank you Amber!!!! I was kinda proud of them. Haha. If you do one, send me a photo. Thanks for reading our blog.


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