Sunday, December 13, 2015

Open House Christmas Party!

Our Associate Pastor (Eddie) and his wife opened up their home, several weeks before Christmas, to the entire church body, for a "pop-in" Christmas party! This year, it was from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm.  We arrived about 3:15 pm and wound up staying the entire time.  As they say, "Time flies when you are having fun!"  When we arrived, Mel Bonds was giving free horse rides.
There's my cute duo!
The party is strictly dessert.  I'm not complaining.  LOL!
Aliza Claire eating dessert and holding onto Dexter the Dog (L&J's class dog).
The horse even had painted glitter on it's feet.
Lilah was so happy to take her FIRST horse ride.
And then later, I spotted my BFF Ashely riding the horse.  This is where you insert the crying emoticon!!!! LOL!
There was also a heavy duty game of "Knock Out" going on!
I always enjoy this #tradition. Eddie and Annamarie, thank you for inviting us to your lovely home!

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