Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Lights Tour (2015)

Every year, another Christmas tradition of ours is to do a Christmas Lights Tour. We normally got to the same one every year, but this year we were introduced to a new tour, in the opposite direction.  Brett and Jody shared this "new" location with us. Apparently, they have been in business since 2001, but I never knew a thing about it.  When you first arrive, you turn your car radio to 88.1.  The tour owners have their own radio station!!!
It was really hard capturing photos. There were so many lights!!!!
The owner's do this every year.  They start putting up lights in October and finish in November. They take down lights in January and finish in February.  I asked if they wouldn't mind sharing what their electric bill is and the owner said, "I don't look. I don't want to know!"
The owner dresses up as rudolph and his wife passes out hot cocoa, candy bags, and cookies!
THIS was ONE of many fire hazards throughout their property!
Baby Jesus always seems to make his appearance at all of the Christmas light tours we go to.
Bon fire!
This was MY favorite part...the lighted "tunnel".  
I was shocked at how many lights there were.  I do not believe that this tour was any less or any more impressive than the one we normally go to in Shawsville.  They are equally good in their own way. If you didn't go this year, try it out next year.  It's on Back Creek Road off of HWY 220.  

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