Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fifth Grade Halloween Party Bags

The fifth grade, Halloween, Global Studies breakfast was a big hit!!! I was responsible for collecting, purchasing, assembling, and passing out 44 goody bags for the students who attended.  It sure doesn't LOOK like much, but since there are 44 students/44 bags AND everything x 44 can get quite expensive, I think it still turned out impressive with the budget we had to work with. 
I chose crisp, white paper bags to package the items up.  I purchased clothespins from Wal-mart (50 for .96 cents) and made my own Halloween clips to keep the bags shut.

Each student received a "Grow your own Halloween" figurine.  There were bloody hands, pumpkins, mummies, Frankenstein, Dracula, and a few others.  Ty received Dracula. I found these at Michael's.  They were $1.00 originally, but the day I bought them they were buy one, get one 50% off.  I asked the manager if I could take advantage of the teacher discount, even though I am not a teacher, and he honored it.  I was able to save an additional 15% off of the total. The majority of this purchased came from Mrs. Smith (Alayna's mommy).  I found them and picked them up for her.  She donated the cash.
 Mrs. Wiley purchased everyone these cool looking skeleton sunglasses.
 Mrs. Snead purchased everyone a fun dip!
 I purchased everyone either a pack of caramel salted pretzel pieces OR Halloween muddy buddies.
 Mrs. Lancaster and I purchased them ring pops. We each bought a box.
They each received an eyeball bouncy ball from our family.
 They also each received a gem spider ring from our family.
 In addition to eyeball gum from our family.
And that's it!! I loved the way the bags turned out.  

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