Tuesday, November 3, 2015

City of Salem Division Championship Game (2015)

Last Wednesday, the Glenvar Highlanders (littles) played the Salem Redskins (littles).  This game determined WHO would be in the Superbowl!  It was the toughest and closest game we played all season. All season, we ran the scoreboard up pretty high, with most games entering into the slaughter rule, so this challenge and score was not something we were used to. Our boys played TOUGH though and fought it out to the end.  The final score was 14 to 6. Our season ended with an 11-0 record.  Undefeated baby!!!!! We will be playing Boonsboro Broncos on November 7th @ 4:00 pm, in the Superbowl. It feels good to be SUPERBOWL BOUND, but we cannot arrive with pride.  It's not over until it's O-V-E-R.  Come out and support these hardworking coaches and players!!!
Enjoy several of my favorite photos, from this game, or double click on the Picasa Web album, below, to see them all.  I have had a very difficult time capturing photos this season.  The boys' fast speed and the dark lighting have creating several dilemmas for me. Maybe by next season, I will have a better flash or maybe even a newer camera.  Hint hint @darrenwb.  Haha.  
And we close our victory by doing what's most important...giving glory to God.  Our coaching staff prays both before and AFTER each game.
(Below): You can also see the team's awesome chant that they do both before and after each game.  

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