Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Candy Buttons Halloween Costume!

Over the past few years, okay since my kids were old enough to dress up for Halloween, I have tried really hard to dress them up in a Halloween costume that is either original, unique, creative, or something I personally haven't seen before.  This year, I was having a hard time coming up with a costume idea because Lilah actually has become quite opinionated and intuitive to her LIKES.  SO... basically, my ideas are not necessarily a viable option.  Ha, imagine that! Talk about having to chang my controlling ways.  Hehe.  Anyway, we compromised.  She wanted to be a witch and I didn't want her to be a witch.  Isn't EVERYONE a witch at one point or another?  Then, my mom reminded me that that's exactly what I always wanted to be as a kid and she's right!!! She could easily fall into the trap of "Mirror, Mirror on the wall, I am my mother after all."  So, what was the compromise?  Lilah would be a witch for 2/4 Halloween events we planned to attend AND Lilah would be Candy Buttons for the other 2/4 Halloween events.  
The costume is SO SIMPLE to make and fairly inexpensive.  Especially if you utilize the Dollar Tree or a 40% off coupon at Michaels.  Here are the materials you need:
A White Thermal Set (T-Shirt and Leggings would also work)
Foam Balls ((1)12 pack is more than enough)
Acrylic Paint
Candy Buttons
A Hot Glue Gun
First, cut the acrylic balls in half! I actually cut them a little more like 3/4 and 1/4, this way the "buttons" would stick out further on the shirt!
Ignore that nasty set of unmanicured nails.  That happens from time to time when life is busy.  I think I went the next day to tackle that nastiness.
Lay out your shirt!
Figure out spacing.
Paint the acrylic foam balls.  
Let the wet foam balls sit over night! I brought them up to my daughter's bed and allowed the ceiling fan blow them dry ALL NIGHT!
I chuckled when I removed the "buttons" to start hot glueing onto the thermal clothing set.  Doesn't the strip of paper towels look like real candy buttons?
Next, add some REAL candy buttons to the rest of your thermal set or accessories, such as a hair accessory or a pair of shoes. Candy buttons are actually difficult to find.  Sometimes the Dollar Tree will have them, but around this time of year, they "aren't in season".  Apparently, they are a Summer item.  I found mine at Five Below.  
I couldn't GET OVER the PERFECT headband that I found at Wal-mart.  It literally had every color on the headband (plus yellow and green, which I was bummed about).  I brought attention to the colors that the original candy buttons are, on the headband, by hot glueing real candy buttons to the headband.  
Didn't it turn out darling?
I didn't want the costume to be smothered and covered in candy buttons, so I just added a few in the more obvious/necessary spots.
I purchased a used pair of white shoes from Once Upon A Child and hot glued some candy buttons to the shoes.
I paid $5.50 for them!
Hot glue the foam balls onto the shirt.  Be careful that your hot glue does NOT seep through to the other side of the shirt, glueing your shirt together.  I inserted a piece of foam core to separate the two pieces of fabric.  

I was just in love with the total package!
Unique, colorful, fun, creative, original, and never seen on Halloween (with my eyes).  Mission accomplished.
When the costume was complete, I took Lilah down a trail in our neighborhood to capture all of the cuteness.  She was sweet enough to eat.
Oh, I forgot, I added a rainbow colored WIG!
Lilah enjoyed playing the part while wearing the costume.  She pretended to eat the candy buttons.  
There are TWO downfalls to this costume.  ONE, the real candy buttons like to pop OFF, so be sure you have your glue gun and extra candy buttons handy.  TWO, kids don't know what the costume is because MOST kids have never had or seen this candy before.  My kids knew what it was because I had already introduced them to this candy long ago.  OH WELL! WE LOVED IT!!!

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