Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Tooth Fairy Is A SHE! This Post Is #Proof

Lilah is growing up before our very own eyes! Celebrating milestones and traditions are so important to me.  My motto is, "Every little thing is a BIG deal!" so I make sure to do what I can to make life memorable.  When Lilah lost her first tooth, I was really not prepared. I thought I would be sure to be prepared for tooth #2, but sadly, it came far too fast.  OH WELL!  So, Lilah lost tooth #2.  BIG brother was at the Glenvar/Giles game, so Lilah and Jax spent a ton of time together working on preparing for the tooth fairy's arrival.  
There was lots of discussion about whether the tooth fairy was a GIRL or BOY!?!?!?! Little (like Tinker Bell) or Big (like us)?!?!?!
First, they colored a few pictures and wrote a few notes!
The front of the coloring sheet read: "Look on the back!"  The Toothfaire is awesome!" I Love Him or her!"
The back read: "We love you.  I love you.  Take this picture."
THEN: Lilah made a note and left a gift IF the tooth fairy was a girl.
She left her a hair clip and a bracelet.  I love the smiley face she drew inside.  LOL!
Being goofy!
Jax left a note and gift if the tooth fairy was a boy!
Jax left a lego figurine.  LOL!
Of course, we also had to leave the tooth, but that was left under the pillow.
There's that beautiful, toothless smile!
They were SOOOOOO excited to go to bed and wake up to find out if the fairy was a boy or girl.
So?!?!?!?! What it a SHE or a HE? She was a SHE!!! And SHE left LILAH a few goodies. First, she left her a tini tiny envelope with a note inside.  
A new BIG EYES stuffed animal.  Lilah has started quite the collection of these.
PINK Fairy dust.... and you can read what the note said below!
Hi Lilah,

I decided to type you a note. I hope you can see it!!!
I heard you could barely read the note from your 1st tooth fairy.
How exciting that you lost tooth #2.
My wings fluttered when I saw how much time you & your brother
Put into leaving not only your tooth, but a surprise for me. 
Thank you so much!  By the way, I am a girl!!! 
I could barely fly with the bracelet.  It was making my flying difficult,
So I am sorry I left the gorgeous daisy clip.  Will you leave it with your next tooth?

Love ~North Peppertree

PS. I hope you like your goodies!!!
++PLUS++ $5.00
She was so excited!!!! When she woke up, she said, "I was so sad because I looked under my pillow and there was nothing there, not even my tooth."  THEN, Jax said, "Oh! What's that over there?" Eventually, they saw that the tooth fairy left her goodies on her dresser.  Anyway, she found me getting ready for church and said, "MOM!!!! You have GOT TO COME TO MY ROOM! Wait until you see what I found.  AND GUESS WHAT?!?! The tooth fairy is a TINY girl!"

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  1. What fun they had trying to figure it out! I wonder if Jax was disappointed to know it was a girl. They both look so grown up :(


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