Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Picture Day!

Hip, hip hooray for school picture day! The day every parent dreds. Rushing around to make your kids look cute, at the earliest moment of your day, too early, 6:15 am early, putting them in things they don't want to wear, "No one wears dresses to school mom!", for those $45 (2x3) photos that you will forget but about come Fall because you get to do this AGAIN, but fingers crossed they turn out cute!!!  WOW! THAT. WAS. THE. LARGEST. RUN-ON. SENTENCE. I. HAVE. EVER. WRITTEN! 
I took these pictures right before the bus arrived. They're cute, but I certainly wish I would have had MORE time and it wasn't so dark outside.  I know the outcome would have been better.  Jax wore a denim and white dotted shirt with a blue and yellow tie, and mustard colored shorts (which you can't see).  Ty wore a button down shirt with khaki shorts. AND Lilah wore a white and blue polka dotted dress, with white stockings and navy velour knee high boots.  YES! She was probably the "only one in the school" with a dress on that day! NOT!!!!!!!

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