Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Ty's First Day Of 5th Grade!

OH.MY.GOODNESS!!!! This boy who I just sent off to Kindergarten, what seemed like YESTERDAY, is NOW beginning his LAST year of elementary school. Time realllllly flies by quickly! My BIG-little boy was so excited about 5th grade. He was really hoping to get Mrs. Clifford, but he wound up getting Mrs. Harlow. NOW that he has had Mrs. Harlow for several days, he says, it's all good.  He thinks they are both really awesome and sweet teachers.
Ty's schedule is exactly like Lilah and Jaxon's schedule, EXCEPT for the fact that he takes a shower every single morning and doesn't have to do his hair.  
                                           6:15 am Rise, Shower, and Get Dressed
                                           6:30 am Breakfast/Family Devotional by Daddy
                                           6:45 am Brush Teeth
                                           7:00 am Load Book Bag W/ Lunch Box
                                           7:05 am Walk To Bus Stop
                                           7:06 am Get On Bus
                                           7:35 am Arrive School
                                           7:50 am School Starts
                                           2:15 pm School Ends
                                           2:40 pm Bus Drops Him Off
                                           2:45 pm Unload Bookbags/Snack/Homework
                                           6:00 pm Football
                                           8:00 pm Dinner (EEEEEEKKKKK)
                                           8:45 pm Bath
                                           9:15 pm Prayers and Lights Out! 
Ty is still willing to let me pick out his first day of school outfit. I think he knows I have good taste and it's not my goal to make him look nerdy.  I thought it would be fun to dress him on a smaller scale like his daddy.  Darren loves Polo, so I was excited when I spotted kids polo shirt and shoes.  It's all about the logos.  LOL!
 Off to the bus stop he goes.
Ty begged for a HUGE book bag this year because he said in years past his book bag has not been big enough.  He chose a Nike Elite navy/red book bag.  His lunch box is Nike navy/black.  I LOVE it! I think it's so sharp.  He's even said that he plans to use it next year and doesn't want a new one for 6th grade.  Ugh! I love buying them new book bags because I get sick of looking at them in the foyer.  LOL!
Ty was very positive about his first day of school.  ONE thing I recall him saying was, "I was in Mrs. Clifford's class for like 2 hours and it only felt like 15 minutes."  I think he really enjoys her teaching style and obviously she makes it fun enough to where the kids don't really feel like they are even in class.
I am very grateful that Fort Lewis has remained open, at least this one last year, so that Ty can finish up his elementary years at the school he started at. I am really happy about Ty getting to move on to the 6th grade for ONE reason... he will get to be with his really close friends, such as Gabe, Josh, and Cooper.  It's been a long anticipation for he and I both.  
One of Ty's plans is to run for President at Fort Lewis Elementary this year.  
Ty was also cooperative during photo time.  So I didn't take very many photos of him. I will include the rest of them below in an online Picasa Photo Album.  I really hope that I can be extra involved this year, for him especially, since this is his last year at "baby school".  Hehe.

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