Thursday, September 3, 2015

#Back-To-School #Goodies

Every year, I surprise the kids with some back-to-school goodies.  Last year, we not only had goodies, but we had HUGE party because it was the twins' first day of public school, but this year our party will be at the end of the year, when BIG BROTHER says goodbye to elementary school.  As much as I love the Dollar Tree, I am trying desperately to stray away from spending money on things that are just going to get lost in the shuffle or shoved in a drawer. I was limited on ALONE time this Summer, since the kids never left my side, so their back-to-school goodies weren't anything over-the-top. Above, you'll see their arrival home on the first day of school.  This is a tradition. I always try to capture their first and last day arrival home on video.  After arriving home, the walked inside and squealed with excitement when they spotted their goodies.
Lilah's goodies!
Lilah has started a collection of big eyes stuffed animals and shopkins.  I love them too! She was hugging her new shopkins in the photo above. The shopkins are so fun! There are so many to collect.  I LOVE their names as well.  The high heel shopkins' name is "Beverely Heels".  LOVE IT!
I bought her a little make up bag to go along with her new cheetah big eyes. 
Each of the kids got some bubble gum crayons.  I found these at the Dollar Tree.
I found this cute little pet lipgloss that hooks on to a pocket or book bag.  
 A new hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works.
More gum!
 Ty's goodies!
Each of my children have been permitted to bring their iPods on the school bus, so I bought each of them a $10 gift card to iTunes.
Ty LOVES Werther's/
Ty has been begging for a fishing pole, but that is more like a Christmas gift, so I decided to slowly get him started on some tackle box needs. Bait...
Ty also received a tackle box to put all of his fishing goodies in.
 Jax's goodies!
Mind Craft collectibles.  
A new smack down, wrestling, lego figurine.
JAW-some hand sanitizer.
Minion crayons and markers (meant for Cohen, but I forgot to add this to his minion back-to-school package).
WWE stickers!
And a new pack of under armor socks!!!
I waited until after school to give the kids their treats because I didn't want the morning to be anymore hectic than it already was!!! LOL! The kids were super excited!!!!! I think it made them feel special.

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