Monday, August 17, 2015

Lemonade Stand Cookies

For our lemonade stand and bake sale, I considered a lemon flavored cookie or mini cupcake, but it dawned on me that drinking lemonade and eating lemonade may be a little over kill. Ideally, chocolate would be a perfect match/combo, but being my Tyson doesn't care for chocolate, I didn't want to make something he wouldn't be thrilled about selling or eating.  I chose a very simple, but scrumptious cookie.  It's something I had seen the day before while at the Steppin' Out festival. One of the bakeries was selling cupcakes and sandwich cookies.  I thought the sandwich cookies made a beautiful presentation and were certainly unique to the average mini cupcake or slice and bake cookie.  I didn't have a recipe and didn't even go searching for one. I just did what I thought made sense.  

FIRST, using your favorite cookie recipe, bake dough and let cool completely (otherwise your frosting will melt.). We chose to make a sugar cookie. I also chose to use 1 teaspoon of dough for each cookie, making the cookie a little under the average size.  I wanted these cookies to go a long way.
After the cookies are cooled, flip them over.  
Using your favorite homemade or store bought frosting, squeeze the desired amount of frosting onto the cookie.  I chose to use store bought frosting because I didn't have time to make it.  We used cream cheese frosting.  Be careful not to over use the frosting or it will seep out of the cookies when you turn it into a sandwich.
Next, add an additional cookie, to the top of the frosting, and lightly press down.
Find some really colorful baking embellishments.  I wanted our lemonade stand and bake sale to be colorful, so we chose these pretty beaded sprinkles.
Roll your filled sandwich cookie into your baking embellishments.  Be sure to do this step almost immediately after you turn your cookie into a sandwich.  The frosting needs to be "wet".  If you wait too long, the embellishments will not adhere to the frosting.  
Don't worry if it starts to seep out.  The sprinkles will help seal everything.  
I stored these cookies at room temperature, in an air tight container, but if you are having a problem with the frosting seeping out, I would put them in the freezer or the refrigerator, for at least 20 minutes or until the frosting sets.
We served these cookies in oversized, WHITE, cupcake liners. They were a big hit.  Ansley brought chocolate chip cookies, so we did have our chocolate after all.  

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