Thursday, August 27, 2015

Getting To Know You...

Yesterday, I designed a teacher questionnaire so that we can get to know our kids' teachers a little bit better.  The questions/answers come in really handy and are used as a great resource for when it's gift giving time.  I enjoy being creative and I give to the teachers ALL throughout the year, but during the BIGGER holidays, for instance Christmas, I try to get them something that they will really enjoy.  There are only so many apple items, posted notes, and framed artwork that they can use or make room for.  Their classrooms are OVER-flowing.  

I had to work in stages because LIFE has a great way of interrupting the FUN in your day! LOL! Here is Stage 1. 
It was actually a good idea to walk away from my designing because over time I thought about more ideas and I was able to add them all, creating the cutest little questionnaire.  

Here is Stage 2. I created one question per letter of the alphabet.  Some of the letters were much more difficult to come up with ideas questions for.  I even had to ask a few of my girlfriends for help, but in the end, I went with my own ideas.  
I still felt like the list wasn't perfect.  "Kids (#)??? What would I do with that?  I also had Ice Cream for I, at one point, but I LOVE what I changed the I to and I was able to use ice cream STILL under the letter Y.  And the banner looked a little plain. So here is Stage 3. Notice the changes? I changed the K to "Kolor".  Yes, that's NOT the way you spell it, but that's ok!!! I also added the words "Fort Lewis" + a heart to the banner.  IT FIT PERFECTLY in the predesigned banner.  I was thrilled.  
Here is the FINAL STAGE! 
I added a little heart to the lion! Fort Lewis' school colors are blue and yellow and the school's mascot is a lion! HENCE the reason I added those personal touches.
After I printed the FINAL questionnaire, I had to SPRUCE it up with some rope and alphabet or star paper!
If you are a Fort Lewis parent/student and LOVE this idea, I have created a blank questionniare for you to fill in!  Just send me a quick email or comment and I will send you the document to print from your very own computer.
If you are NOT a Fort Lewis parent or student, I have created a non-personalized (no lion and no school name) questionnaire for you. I know how precious time is and sometimes being able to create your own printables is NOT a possibility!  Feel free to comment or email me for the document.  You should be able to open this document in WORD and add your teacher's name.  You could ALWAYS hand right it too!
I am so pleased with how it turned out.  It is fun giving the teachers a little bit of HOMEWORK for a change!! I wonder if they will turn it in on time.  LOL!


  1. Love the teacher questionnaire, such a great way to get to know them!!

  2. Can you please email this to me?

    Kristen Hernandez


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