Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sadie & Simon Meet Easton!

Ms. Dixon Holly has a really cute pooch that I heard about ALL year long.  We even purchased her a few doggy gifts because we knew how much she loves her doggie.  I offered to let Easton spend the week at our home, but I think Holly decided to just let him come over and play almost daily.  
From what I understand, they all got along great, but Holly was protective over our little man because she didn't want anything to happen to Simon on her watch.
Holly was so awesome about sending us daily photos of our fur babies.  I think one of my favorite photos ever, was the photo below, taken of Simon.
 Easton's feet with Simon in the background.
 Wiped out!
Just by the look of the photos, I know having Easton over really blessed Sadie's day and kept her worn out.
 This photo is adorable!!!!!
Aside from the first set of videos I shared last week, of Sadie/Simon responding to Lilah's, "We miss you!" video, the videos below are my favorite.  Easton heard a neighbor and ran, barking at him/her, while Sadie/Simon stay back nervously.  They are certainly NOT YET guard dogs are they?  LOL!
We are still so thrilled that Sadie and Simon were able to spend the week not just with Holly, but with Easton and Holly's finance Michael too.  

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