Friday, June 5, 2015

Under The Sea Water Bottles!

The kindergarteners were NOT allowed to have an end of the year party because SOL make-up testing was going on all the way until June 2nd.  Several of the other moms and I coordinating doing some cupcakes and drinks just to say "Happy Summer!" I was responsible for drinks and chose to serve water, considering there is enough sugar in cupcakes.  Since water is drab, I dressed up the water bottles to be festive! I like to call them, "Under The Sea" water bottles.  :)

Just find some really cute, 3-Dimensional felt stickers.
Sea Horse
 Sail Boat.
You will also need some fun-colored cardstock paper, paper straws, and a hot glue gun for assembly. They turned out so vibrant and beachy! #love

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