Monday, May 25, 2015

Take Me Out To The Ball Game - Food & Fun

After a really fun game of wiffle ball, the boys (and girls) were hot and hungry!
Hannah, shown above, was our awesome party helper.  She was preparing the party table with lunch: pizza, bags of chips, and ice cold drinks.  I also brought some fresh watermelon slices from home, for everyone to enjoy!
I was thankful that all of the party guests were able to fit at one table!!! Poor Ansley didn't know 5/8 boys at the party, so I think she was feeling a little shy once she had to sit face to face with them.
After lunch, the boys headed on down to the baseball game!! I purchased the boys, in advanced, some Red Socks "eye black" patches.  They looked adorable on them and they could fit the part! Sadly, it was so hot I think most of the boys either took them off or they they were falling off simply because their faces were so sweaty due to extreme heat.
The only two female cuties there were happy to keep theirs on!
And the birthday boy wanted to please mommy so he tried to keep his on as well, for a little while.  
"Let's Playball!"
The game was fun to watch! The weather could NOT have been any clearer.  
"We interrupt this program to quiet some wild, rambunctious, and very obnoxiously loud boys down."  LOL!  The boys were being very loud and rambunctious.  Boo-ing the other team, scream when a batter was up to bat, to distract them, and just being WILD! So I prepared some concession snacks, that I brought, to give them something to fill that loud hole with.  LOL!
"Take me out to the ballgame, take me out to the crowd and buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks..."
I found these cut red, white, and blue cones at Tuesday Morning!
I really wanted the old timey, boxed Cracker Jacks, but I searched at least 15 stores and could NOT find them.  I am sure Amazon has them, but I didn't have enough time left to order and receive them!
 Cotton Candy - Spotted this colorful cotton candy at K-Mart, of all places.
 Blue Raspberry PIXY STIX.
Of course, Double Bubble Gum!
Mik-L-Nip.  I have never had these, but they were a BIG hit and looked like they should be at a ballpark concession stand!
 BabyRuth! It was very difficult keeping these candy bars from turning into chocolate milk.
 "And now back to our regularly schedule program!"
Each boy also received a pair of "clappers".
They didn't have any problems making noise, for the players, with their mouths, but I wanted to give them these clappers to keep their hands busy! Several of them had to be spoken to because they were throwing popcorn into the seats below ours. As they say, "Boys will be boys!"
You can see how hot it was by the photo of Liley's face.  Check out those sweaty, red cheeks.  
Of course, the boys found a more entertaining way to use the "clappers" and "cones."
Ahhhhhh, this shot would have been so cute if Lilah wasn't asleep closing her eyes.
Occasionally, the guests would cool off and go back near our table and the bounce houses.  Lilah and Ansley found "Muggsy", the St. Bernand, Red Sock's mascot!!!! 
My only complaint about the actual game is that the sun was beaming on us the entire time, with ZERO mercy, but I feel bad complaining about it because we were supposed to get a tropical storm that day and it missed us completely.  I am truly thankful that the Lord granted us that gift of gorgeous weather and that the party was a HUGE success.

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