Friday, May 15, 2015

Night Owl Party - Favor Bags

Sending the party guests home with a fun and memorable bag of goodies is 1/3 of my main party focuses. I sincerely LOVE blessing others and I believe sending the guests home with a gift of their own really leaves a lasting impression.
Here are all of the goodies that each party guest received (including the birthday girl)
1 out of 4 pieces of framed artwork!
 1 of 2 mini boxes. One said, "Rings, Blings, & Things!", the other said, "Glam girl".  
 I filled the box with "Eye Candy" aka colorful bobby pins and a sample of #jamberrynails.
I found these adorable chalkboards.  They came in two different patterns.  I bought two of each pattern and just randomly put them into the girl's goodie bags, showing no favoritism to my personal preference.
 If you have a chalkboard, you need chalk, right?
Sleepover Party Mad Libs
An Alex and Ani, owl-styled bracelet. Later, I asked each girl what their favorite item was in their goodie bag and ALL of the girls said the bracelet.  
A cute, porcelain purse photo holder.
An owl pen.  
A change purse.
 Owl lotion.
A high-heel, ring holder.
A magnetic, photo scroll frame.
Birthday cake gum!
Lip Balm.
iPod Button Stickers.
The last item that I gave to each girl was an iPod pen accessory.  I failed to capture it, on camera, but below you can see what it looked like. The girls' pen had multi-colored gems.  
After everyone left, I allowed Liley to sit on the couch and go through her goodie bag.  She was really thrilled with it all.
I did my best to gear the party bags for girls ages 6-12, but I totally would have loved to receive MOST all of those items too. Hehe.  
This concludes the NIGHT OWL PARTY!!! Thank you for reliving it with me.  

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