Thursday, May 14, 2015

Night Owl Party - Agenda - Part 5

As if you haven't seen ENOUGH of this Night Owl Party, I have ONE MORE "agenda" to show you.  The girls still had cans of silly string waiting on them to use when they woke up.  So, they got dressed, after breakfast, and had WW II.  Do you recall their WW I from the night before? I color coordinated the silly string to match the party's colors, haha.  The girls picked teams and then had a blast chasing and spraying each other.  I have a ton of video footage of this event, as well as the pillow fight, but I am waiting on Darren to do his magic, with iMovie, before showing it all.  
Taylor and Lilah with their game face on.
Cami and Ansley!
The girls switched things up a little.  BIG girls against little girls.
Working out their plan!
OUCH! These girls look a little intimidating to me! Haha.
I was having deja-vu from the pillow fight.  LOL!  BIG #bullies
Ansley was a champ! She took it and smiled BIG!
And she even gave it back...a little.
It didn't take long before the BIG girls were being taken over by little girls.
Until they reached Lilah!!!
After the BIG girls left, Lilah and Ansley finished up the LAST event called "Owl Paintings!"
I had paints waiting on them, but I suggested they use sharpie markers instead.
Lilah decided to finish her cupcake from the night before, as well!
Girls are so easy.  They are calm and enjoy the simple things in life (SOMETIMES).
Lilah looks exhausted here.
The owls were purchased at A.C. Moore for .99 cents each.  
Once their owl paintings are complete, they can use the owl as a mask!!!
And then it was time for all of the party owls to FLY home to their own nests! Lilah exclaimed, "OWL MISS YOU!" Other than a look into their goody bags, this completes the NIGHT OWL PARTY! I had fun posting about it, but I am ready for a new topic.  I am sure you are TOO!

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