Monday, May 18, 2015

Lilah Is TWO-Tired

The twins have always been on the same page, as far as accomplishments go, for the most part, but teaching your son to go from training wheels to two-wheels seems to be more of a necessity than it does for your sweet daughter.  I guess it's hard knowing a scrap, from practicing, would produce tears and a little bit of drama.  Haha.  Lilah is a tough cookie, but we chose to teach Jax ONE season before Lilah.  Jax learned in ONE shot.  Lilah learned on several tries.  Maybe 3.  She's unable to get on the bike and go ALL by herself, but you will be able to see from the youtube videos below that she is able to stay on her two-tired bike, alone, as long as it is flat and nothing gets in her way. We are so proud of her!!!!

First, we practiced on the grass, in our backyard.
Then, we moved Lilah to the pavement, where she had more of an area to ride, ride, ride!
Way to go LILEY!!!!!
Here are a few more photos of her practicing!!!
 Jax and Sadie snuck in the photos!!! Haha.   

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