Wednesday, May 27, 2015

"Fancy Nancy The Musical!"

It is ALWAYS an adventure when going on a field trip with ANY of my children and their classmates.  This time, I signed up to go on a field trip with the twins.  We were headed to the Children's Theatre, downtown Roanoke, to see Fancy Nancy, the Musical. Based on the popular  "Fancy Nancy" books, "Fancy Nancy The Musical" had an acclaimed Off-Broadway run at Vital Theatre from 2012-2014, and is currently touring nationally. One of it's stops...Roanoke, VA.  (PS.  The Roanoke Children's Theatre aka RCT, is a professional theatre for young audiences.)
Enjoy a few photos captured on the bus!
While getting ready for the Fancy Nancy musical to begin, the theatre was playing a few children's tunes.  I thought it was so cute how some of Lilah and Jax's classmates just belted out some of the lyrics to the song, "Let It Go!"
Some of the kids were dressed in glamorous attire, for Fancy Nancy, as they joined the cast for the most elegant musical of the year! Nancy and her pals were dancing in a school recital! But when Bree lands the role of a shimmering mermaid and Nancy's receives the role of just an ordinary tree, Nancy realizes that "fancy" takes a dash of imagination.
I thought all of the actor and actresses did a fantastic job capturing the children's attention.
Before going, I was thinking about the male audience members and was concerned that the boys would be bored.  The cast did contain one male actor and two female actors possibly captured their attention. I believe that the boys could related to his role as a shark and the girls' roles as competitive athletes.  They were all very silly and funny actors/actresses, except Nancy of course.  She displayed more an elegant, playful, proper, and well...fancy role!
Liley was a little "fancy" for Nancy in her pettiskirt and hair bows!
After the play, the kids lined up and waited on the bus driver to arrive.  I tried to capture a few photos, but most of the kids were in a daze!
The photo below is darling and will probably show up again sometime in 12 years! #graduationday ...IF the girls remain close!
On the bus ride back to school, Rose and Lilah goofed around with my phone, leaving me some funny selfies.
It was a short field trip, but I am always thankful when I have the chance to visit with my kids at school, seeing what life is like as a student at Fort Lewis Elementary School!

This play started on May 28th and will last until June 14th.  I definitely would recommend it for any Fancy Nancy lover.  It would also be an adorable idea to take your daughter, niece, granddaughter, or little sister, on a date, to see!!! Lilah enjoyed the musical so much, she is begging to go to drama camp, this Summer.  I am definitely considering it, despite the long drive, BUT it is the first week that school let's out and I am not sure I will be ready to put my girl in camp just yet!

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