Friday, May 29, 2015

10th Birthday Snack!

Ty rang in a new decade of his life, with his classmates, at Fort Lewis Elementary School.  After SOL testing was complete, for the year, I sent in a birthday snack in the shape of a [10].  The [1] was a tangy zangy sour stick and the [0] was a  frosted sugar cookie! 
I also thew together a quick, decorative, mini water bottle sporting the #10!!! 
I also considered using large circus lollipops or donuts for the #0 and pull-n-peel twirlers or twinkles for the #1.
I wrapped up each set of tangy zangy candy strips and cookies, individually, to make the #10 more apparent!
I thought this idea was fun and different from the usual birthday cupcake!

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