Wednesday, April 1, 2015

First Things 1st!!! #AprilFoolsDay

I'm always looking for a way to brighten my children's school day! I think it makes me feel less guilty for knowing they NEED to be there.  LOL!  On April Fool's Day, I love to torture my children and friends with creep, crawly gag jokes.  This morning, I got to work packing the kids' lunches and snack bags, all while inserting rodents, insects, and body parts!
 Did you know that mice not only like cheese, but they also like salami and pepperoni?
How about a little "finger food"? I've been saving these gummy body parts since Halloween, specifically for THIS DAY!
Looks like a simple yogurt to me.  Does it appear that way to you too?
 Or is it an over flowing of ear wax?
 A painted nail holding their cookie!
 ON the back of the finger, I wrote, "April Fool's Day!"
 Chips or Roaches?
 BOTH!!!!!!! Gross!
 Has anyone "SEEN" my grapes?
Haha.  As I was cleaning up breakfast, no lie, this mouse flew into the remainder of my coffee.  Although fake, I just couldn't bring myself to finish it.
I'd love to hear all about the jokes you played on your favorite people today!

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