Thursday, March 5, 2015

My Wife Did This!

I am ALL about practical jokes! I like to perform them, not be the receiver of them.  Hehe.  I wanted my hubby to have the BEST DAY EVER and I wanted EVERYONE to wish him a Happy Birthday! So... I decided to put a note on his car that read:
"It's my BIRTHDAY! Roll Down Your Window, Honk, and SAY... HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARREN! I don't know this is on my car.  My wife did this."
 If ONLY Darren's drive to work was farther than 2 miles, this would have been HA-larious!
I offered to pull Darren's car out of the garage, in the morning, before he left for work.  I wanted to give him the "royal treatment" or so I said.  Hehe. I said, "Don't worry about doing your normal morning chores.  Also, I want to pull out your car and warm it up for you!"  He seemed thrilled and felt special, not to mention fooled.  REALLY, I just wanted to pull his car out so that when he left for work he wouldn't be entering the vehicle from the back, where the note was, but instead from the front.  I didn't want him to see the note.  
Darren NEVER found the note on his way to work, BUT as he was working diligently, he heard an abundance of laughter coming from outside his office building. He looked out his work window and spotted 5 employees on their break, near his Pathfinder, dying laughing.  After their break was over, Darren went outside to see what they could be possibly laughing at and he spotted the sign. I received this text message...
Grrrrrrrr!!!! They ruined it! Darren was going to be getting his hair cut after work and would have been driving all over main street.  I was hoping that he would have had many strangers honking at him!!!!  Hehe.  Oh well! Better luck next year.
As if that prank wasn't enough, I left a positive pregnancy test on the toilet bowl.  I bought it at Spencer's, in the mall.  It's always positive.
Darren found it and texted me immediately.  
As you can see, Darren is a HARD one to fool! DARN!

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