Thursday, March 19, 2015

It's Official!!! I Am A Jamberry Nails Consultant!

Ah, that word "consultant" sounds so important and professional.  AND other than consulting you on soul food aka God's word, organizing, and/or cleaning, what better topic to consult every woman on... appearance.  We all know that in order to be beautiful, it must come from within FIRST! Working on within will be a lifelong, continual process, but so will working on the exterior self.  My husband not only LOVES it when I have a fresh mani/pedi, but he also PREFERS IT! After testing out the Jamberry Nails a few times, I decided to become a consultant.  There are so many benefits to being a Jamberry Consultant.  I will share them with you eventually, but for now, please allow me the opportunity to be your Jamberry consultant.  Allow me to help you "nail" down a few great patterns, that suite your persona, as well as, the application process.  Visit my website today at

The FIRST person to host either an online party or house party, through me, will receive a free set of Jamberry Nails. Don't delay.  You snooze, you loose!

And by the way, I promise not to harass you about buying Jamberry Nail applications.  These "stickers" sell themselves. Every time I have them on, people talk about them!!! So don't run for the hills when you see me because I do NOT plan on being an annoying sales lady that only "likes" you because I want you to buy something from me.  However, I do plan to use my social media accounts to advertise specials, fun patterns, raffles, and upcoming Jamberry news. IF you would like to see a catalog or even better, try a sample, please contact me.  

"Mani" thanks for reading!!!


  1. Congratulations Kristin! I am very excited for you!

  2. Yay! One, I would totally do a party for you but my friends, are your friends ha! when z allows Presley to do fun things to her nails I'll need a tutorial I know she would love it!!

    1. You have friends outside of WSBC. They make great teacher gifts. And now you have a new gift idea for your students.


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