Wednesday, March 18, 2015

45 Gifts In ONE!

I found the coolest item at Sam's Club last week and I am busting to share with you.  With Easter quickly approaching, this is an amazing find for yourself, someone else, or you can turn this one item into 45 gifts.  What is it?
It's a collection of frameable and inspirational bible verses.  It's filled with the Lord's extraordinary prayers and teachings.  This "Devotional Art" is a beautiful reminder that HE is always there to guide us.  Each stunning print includes an uplifting passage from the Bible that will your hear as you spread His art throughout your space. His powerful messages will encourage you to follow in His footsteps and pass His blessing to family and friends.  
It retails for $19.99, but if you are a member at Sam's Club, you pay $12.72. If you turn this ONE item into 45 individual gifts, each gift is essentially $.28 per print.  
I did NOT post all 45 prints, but I did post several of my absolute favorites.
Each page is perforated and easy to tear out.  
These prints can be used to minister to the lost.
They make fantastic gifts for any occasion.
Just think of the people you could give to, after all, $.28 cents is even cheaper than a U.S. postal stamp!
Do you feel odd just giving someone a bible passage print?
Well, think of all of the ways you could enhance this great gift idea.
You could laminate it.
You can stick velcro or magnets on the back.
Or if that's not enough...
You could do what I did...
You could pick up a cheap frame at the DOLLAR TREE and frame each gift, making each gift no more than $1.28.  Still a royal steal and very impressive.
 I gave my first two printables to my children's teachers for St. Patrick's Day!
 I love that I was able to bless them with not just any type of gift, but the most precious gift of all, God's word.
If you are NOT a member of Sam's Club, you can order your own copy on Amazon, here. It is just a little more expensive, but not by much! It still beats $19.99. To see ALL of the prints, double click on the Picasa Web Photo Album below.  I hope you have enjoyed this post.

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