Wednesday, March 4, 2015

He's 38!!!!

Making people feel special on their birthdays is so important to me, especially for my main squeeze.  As I've gotten older, the quantity of people, whom I celebrate, has diminished, but those that I do celebrate with and for usually contains a quality celebration. Having children of my own has created the inability to go above and beyond for everyone's birthdays, like I used to. It took a while for me to accept, but I think everyone understands now.  My children's schedules trump everything. No lie. Being a full time momma is no joke and what I once was able to do, just can't happen anymore. You all know I still love you though, right?
Darren is slightly younger than me, but not by much... 18 days to be exact.  He always makes a joke about marrying an older woman or me being "old"-er.  LOL!  The reality is we are BOTH getting old. It's a good thing we don't feel our age; unless of course it's been a really long day, filled with lots of encounters with disobedient children, then we definitely feel old.  LOL! One of the ways I love to celebrate with a birthday boy or girl is through decorations. Darren is a simple guy.  It doesn't matter how above and beyond I go. It's all the same to him. So... this year, I chose to express my love to him in the form of "Hey Baby" notes. 
(Above) I found cute posted notes, at Francesca's, to write 38 messages on, to Darren: some funny and some sentimental. One of my favorite things about Darren is how funny he is, so I HAD to make some of the notes comical to keep his attention. However, I also love that Darren doesn't hold back telling me, verbally, how much he loves me and why, so I thought he'd like to hear some words of gratitude from me, on his special day!
After writing Darren 38 messages, I had to decide on a spot to stick them. How would he come across these sticky notes? Darren works out every single morning, in our home gym, so that's the room I chose to stick these notes in. I also considered sticking them all over the interior of his car, but I thought that would be a burden to him, as he tried to get to work on time.  I shaped the notes in the form of the #38. I was so excited for Darren to find this expression of love with words.  

I got a little camera happy. It's hard to believe because at this point it was 1:00 a.m.  Shew! Reliving that night makes me want to go take a nap.  This was a tad difficult to photograph because I put the notes on a mirror, so everywhere I stood to take the picture, I wound up being in the picture.  I did eventually find a few angles where I was able to eliminate myself from the picture. The photos I was in, I decided to make it personal! Hehe.
Birthday kisses!
I couldn't decide which photos to use, hence the abundance of photos in this post, haha. At least you get the point now, after seeing them all. I had to take about 75 photos, just to capture 15 good ones. LOL!  I hope you have enjoyed reading about this idea.  Now go do this for your main squeeze. And don't wait until his birthday  He will LOVE it!!!
Happy 38th Birthday babe! There are definitely MORE than 38 reasons why I love you, but I had to rub it in your face that WE are NOW the SAME age now.  

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