Thursday, March 5, 2015

FLES Spring Photos!

It's hardly Spring, but the kids' school had Spring photos yesterday! I felt really guilty sending my children to school in tank tops and shorts, but my boys LOVED it. Ty always says that everyone wears shorts to school, "...even when it's cold outside!"  That's when I get to you that famous and annoying line my mom used to use, "Well... you are not everyone, you are Ty." It was freezing raining, so I couldn't take pictures outside, but I was able to capture a few cute ones indoors. I think they turned out pretty cute considering my time frame and lighting dilemmas.  Again, CANDY is my best friend when I have to snap photos this early in the morning, #bribery, it works EVERY TIME!

Usually, I coordinate my "Ty Guy" to the twins, for photo opportunities, but our mall recently closed the GAP down, so we are really limited on shopping for the 8-15 year old range.  He sported a spiffy polo shirt though! On instagram, I called him my "Handsome Handful".  He's so handsome and sometimes, he can be such a handful.  LOL!
My pretty lady and I decided that straight hair was going to be the way she would take Spring photos.  I think out of 3 years of school pictures, this hair style has yet to be used.  Lilah was super excited about the accessories I bought her for pictures: necklace and bangle bracelet.  I cannot believe how big she is getting.  The entire outfit is from Gymboree minus the shoes.  They are from H&M.  #loveher
Oh my goodness, it doesn't get any cuter than this little guy! Color coordinated with Lilah, Jax is sporting a yellow button up and navy/white striped shorts from Old Navy.  He's probably the most difficult one when it comes to dressing him because he wants to be comfortable.  He's not a fan of "fancy clothes".  Since his brother was agreeable, I guess he chose to be too.  #myfavorite haha!
It's truly amazing that my twins are already almost 6 years old.  Time has FLOWN by. Often times, Darren and I will just watch them in action and Darren, specifically, will say "Can you believe we had twins?" #onceinalifetimeopportunity
Motherhood is filled with so much joy AND there are also days where these little boogers challenge you to the last hour they are up. I had to sound cliche, but I wouldn't trade it for the world even though some days, I would be tempted.  LOL! Happy "SPRING!" As I type this, I just got an instant alert message from the school that "Due to Winter weather conditions, schools will be closed today."  It's the 8th day schools have been closed for snowy conditions in the last 30 days.

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