Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! #Breakfast + #Goodies

What started out as just a little bit of St. Patrick's Day fun, turned into a rather bigger "party"! Haha.  What started out as me going to bed, at possibly, 11:30 p.m. (to finish decorating, gift wrapping, and photographing), turned into me going to bed at 2:00 am (and waking up at 4:45 am). Eeeek! I wish I knew how to do things in a simple fashion. Below is our festive breakfast table all decked out for St. Patrick's Day!
Each of the Bolling kids had their own adorable place setting!
I used the personalized "signs", from last year, not only because I ran out of time to make new ones, but also because I l really love them! They read, "I'm not lucky, I'm blessed!" That sure is the truth.
Aren't the paper plates and straws darling?  Both came form Target! They were on clearance surprisingly, so I got both for under $3.00. The glasses came from THE DOLLAR TREE! Holla! I simply love that place.
Below is the well sought after cereal, featuring green four leaf clovers and yellow pots of gold.
I also made green apple jello.  Originally, I was just going to make the jello and cut it up in cubes, but then my "midnight over drive" aka second wind set in and I decided to make each kiddo a four leaf clover using my heart punch.  The "stem" is an actual stem from a spinach leaf.  I served BOTH items with bacon and orange juice.  The juice was the leprechaun's hair and the bacon was the leprechaun's mustache.
It photographs so beautifully.
Each family member woke up to some St. Paddie's Day goodies.  The leprechaun must have noted their good behaviors.  Darren received some Irish Stout.  
Check out those beautiful clovers.
The kids' gifts were all GREEN or rainbow colored inspired.  

Below are the boys gifts.  Tyson didn't receive the sunglasses, but he did get everything else.
It's so easy to spoil a little girl, just a little bit more, than a little boy.  Lilah received the items below.
The morning was VERY hectic, so sadly, I didn't get to capture the kids enjoying everything.  It was a huge distraction to have #goodies left out at #breakfast.  Next time, I may have to consider saving the celebration for our after school snack time or dinner. Regardless, the kids were so excited and very appreciative.  
Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!

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